Blue Gown

Gown design based on the fashions of 1914, as depicted in the Delineator, a Butterick publication that was the premiere women's fashion magazine in the U.S. at the beginning of the twentieth century




About the designer

Helen Welford and Robin WarnerHelen Welford has been making gowns for vintage dancing since 1993, for herself and for others, for balls and for performance.

She has developed an extensive library of historical references and source material and enjoys exploring costume exhibits. Her background includes 35 years of working in the fiber arts, with tutorials and classes in both women’s and men’s pattern drafting and draping and in costume crafts.

She enjoys the challenge of creating individually designed gowns, especially for women with special fitting needs.

“It is a pleasure to see a client delight in the fit and comfort of a gown that suits her complexion and figure and is a little bit different from anything else in the room,” says Helen.