White Gown

Silk chiffon over heavy silk crepe with Venetian lace panel for an outdoor August wedding

The stories behind the designs

We carefully create each gown to fit the woman who will wear it, customizing the designs so they flatter each woman's body.

Norma's ball gown

Norma wanted a ball gown she could throw in the wash and not have to iron. She preferred a somewhat period gown capable of going from a Playford ball to a modern Scottish Country Dance ball, and one that would look cool and dry even if she perspired with vigorous dancing.

Her gown features a lightweight Egyptian cotton and a cutaway overlay that hides the underarms and creates an absorbing lining up the back. “A most practical dress,” wrote Norma after she had tested its mettle.

Teresa's wedding dress

Teresa wanted a wedding dress that would perfectly fit her unusual figure, and she wanted to be able to wear it for other occasions as well.

We designed a nontraditional wedding gown, using a fabric that could be dyed to another color. The draping process allowed each small piece of the gown to fit perfectly.

The result was even better than expected: her gown graces her figure beautifully, and her husband likes it so well he did not want her to dye it!

Peggy's husband's vest

We incorporated a lovely panel of Chinese embroidered silk into Peggy’s 1890s gown. Her husband was so taken with it that he ordered a vest to match.