White Gown

1921-style gown fashioned from a heavily beaded silk sari



Design details: Comments on construction

Historically, ladies had help with dressing. For the modern woman who doesn't always have someone around to assist her, historical features such as lacing up the back of a gown or doing up hooks and eyes are virtually impossible.

We found a solution by using “faux” period closures for effect, while having a simple and accessible (and hidden) zipper at the side.

For restrictive styles, built-in gussets and godets quietly allow greater freedom of movement.

Finished seams, lined bodices, and well-protected boning (when used) all contribute to comfort and ease of wearing and to the life of the garment.

Even creating a gown that doesn’t allow sweat to show under arms and up the back is not difficult with the appropriate fabric, appropriate lining, or simple underarm cut or overlay detail.

We maintain period style, detail, cut, and construction as far as is practical for best effect.