Red and gold gown

Silk gown inspired by Paris fashions popular in Prague in 1894


Do you love vintage dancing, but can't find anything to wear?

A gown should fit perfectly and make you feel wonderful. On the dance floor, you should step out with confidence, assured the gown will move comfortably with you. It should flatter your best features and be a delight to dance in.

You can have the ball gown of your dreams

Most people have a sense of what colors and lines suit them best. Whether a gown is styled for the 19th, 20th, or 21st century, your taste is reflected in the design. We invite you to look over past fashions and see what details appeal to you, offer suggestions, and approve the final design for your own gown. You help select the fabric and trims.

We take your complete measurements and build a dress form to reflect your figure. On the dress form, we drape your gown and develop a pattern, unique and yours alone. Then we construct a muslin for you to try so we can ensure the gown will fit and suit you well. Finally, we build the gown, fitting it on you along the way to allow for minor adjustments if needed. We pay close attention to the details and finishing of your gown, both inside and out.

Note: Designs for Dancing is located in Dexter, Michigan. If you're too far away for fittings, give us a call to see what we can work out for you. We have done several fittings via mail, but you will need to find a helper to measure and pin.